Are you a practice owner?

Owning and running your own dental practice is something to be very proud of and a great achievement but when you are trying to do it all by yourself the fun of owning a practice can be lost.

Running a dental practice can be very stressful especially when you are also practising dentistry. There are so many things to consider, compliance, people, marketing, patients, finance, business development, plus the general day to day operations of the practice.

Trying to juggle all these roles can be very stressful and even more overwhelming is achieving them to a high standard and on time.

Do you find yourself firefighting? Do you wish you there was another you? 


How can a practice manager help?

Introducing a practice manager into your practice will probably be one of the best things that you could consider doing. A good manager will help alleviate the stresses and strains and give you back the time you need to enjoy what you like doing best - being a dentist!

A practice manager with a clear and focused job description will provide you with the extra pair of hands that are dedicated to helping you run a successful practice. They will be the eyes and the ears of the practice, responding to the needs of the patient, staff and the business and most importantly they will share your ambition in striving to make your practice the best that it can be.


When can I employ my new manager?

You are excited to welcome a new manager into your practice and so are we. Crowns will work closely with you to find out about your practice, the type of people in your team and the type of person that you would like to join your team. We can provide a practice manager job description and marry up your requirements with the skill sets required of a practice manager to ensure we find you the right person. We will take the recruitment worry away and provide a dedicated service from start to finish. 

To discuss how to get started call or email Jenny today.