What is a practice manager?

They are often the unsung superhero of the practice that finds themselves being everyone and doing everything.

In most practices they are the person working to a bottomless job description with not enough hours in the day to achieve everything that needs to be done. They have so many plates spinning leaving them open to failure on both a personal and business level, additionally with the well mapped out business plan only being as good as the paper it was written on.

So, how can the unsung superhero be a great practice manager who will succeed personally and professionally? Simple, they need to have a specific job description that focuses on three areas of management:

1 Financial - It has to work! The practice has to make profit to succeed.

2 Commercial - Effective and efficient working practices to keep the practice at the top of its game.

3 Personal - Points 1 and 2 won't succeed if its at the expense of people's health and well-being!

If your practice needs a practice manager that is dedicated on delivering these outcomes or you are a practice manager or aspiring practice manager that would like to work in a practice that has clearly defined expectations about the role then we should be talking.

Contact me to either discuss the role of the practice manager or to help you find a practice where you can work to achieve real success in your role.